RIDESHARE is an experimental, independent, micro-budget, full-length feature comedy about three, down and out, complete strangers who answer an internet add to drive a car from Los Angeles to Washington, DC.  As these unlikely companions bumble their way across the US, they record their epic adventure using iPhones.  In the end, because of their unexpected, newfound friendship, each finds a new lease on life and our heroes live happily ever after.

RIDESHARE is funny - This exciting new feature has been written, shot and performed entirely in an improv comedy style.

RIDESHARE is experimental - This is the first full-length feature film to be shot entirely using the new HD iPhone4.  Shot in just 16 days with a cast & crew of 16 people, for $34,000, across NINE states, RIDESHARE is an experiment on many fronts.

RIDESHARE is musical - Featuring four original songs by LYNDA KAY, the compelling, classic country music artist.  The film also features two more original songs performed on camera by NARISA SUZUKI as the adorable LEMONADE.

RIDESHARE is uplifting - While the new technology and improvisational style of the movie is tremendously exciting, the positive story and characters are the heart and soul of the project.